Andrew Lewis



acousmatic music

Date of composition: 2016

Duration: 9:28

Format: fixed medium sound (8ch)

Premiere: 20 October 2016, Bangor, Wales (UK)
Electroacoustic WALES – Unseen Preludes: Denis Smalley at 70
Theatr Bryn Terfel, Pontio


Programme note: (download as PDF)


The Blackbird’s song: at once immediately accessible and impenetrably complex; transcending cultural and historical context; performed daily and free of charge, in the grandest gardens and the bleakest urban slums; a single line and a complex web of counterpoint; endlessly inventive and always repeating itself; completely original and so well known; the peace of a garden and the irrepressible joy of creativity; a music that belongs to all and is owned by none.

Skyline was realized in 2016 in the Electroacoustic Music Studios of Bangor University (Wales, UK) and premiered on October 20, 2016 at Theatr Bryn Terfel, Pontio, Bangor. It was awarded first prize in the 2017 Destellos Competition, Mar del Plata (Argentina). Skyline includes recordings of Bangor University’s Crossley-Holland collection of pre-Columbian Mexican wind instruments. My thanks to Susan Rawcliffe (flautist) and Scott Flesher (recording supervisor).