Andrew Lewis


Andrew Lewis

"[His music] possesses the ability to transport the listener to somewhere beyond the concrete and the everyday while apparently originating from within it."
Stuart Marshall, The Sound Projector

Andrew Lewis is a composer based in North Wales (UK). His music is primarily concerned with the phenomenon of sound as a raw material, and often uses technology in its realisation and performance. He is especially interested in exploring the musicality of everyday sounds as a means of connecting more directly with listeners. His output ranges from 'acousmatic' music (heard solely on multiple loudspeakers) to orchestral and chamber works, often (but not exclusively) including technology.


Sound Junction, Sheffield

29 Oct 2018 – Andrew Lewis is one of the featured composers at this year's Sound Junction festival, Sheffield. He will present a solo concert of works including Ascent, Dark Glass, Skyline and two movements from Danses acousmatiques

L'Espace du Son, Brussels

27 Oct 2018 – Andrew Lewis was one of the featured composers at this year's L'Espace du Son festival, Brussels. He presented a masterclass and a curated a solo concert including Scherzo, Ascent, Dark Glass, Skyline, Penmon Point and LEXICON, along with works by Jonty Harrison, Annie Mahtani and Alex Bailey.

Skyline at BULO

26 Oct 2018 – Skyline will be performed by the Bristol University Loudspeaker Orchestra on 26 October 2018 at the Victoria Rooms, Bristol

New work for UPROAR

31 Jul 2018 – Andrew Lewis is one of ten composers across Wales composing newly commisioned works for the launch of UPROAR, Wales' new music ensemble. The new work will be premiered at Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff, on October 26 2018.

Lebenslieder wins KLANG prize

5 Jun 2018 – The first movement of Lebenslieder was awarded second prize in the KLANG competition, Montpellier. This work for chamber orchestra and electronics deals with the topic of dementia, blending the voices of those with the condition with the live ensemble.

Skyline at BEASTFEaST

27 Apr 2018 – Andrew Lewis performed Skyline on the renowned BEAST diffusion system at the 2018 edition of BEASTFEaST in Birmingham, England

Storm-song and LEXICON in Italy

20 Apr 2018 – Andrew Lewis visted the Lice Classico A. Casardi in Barletta, Italy, for "Acusmoniae 3.0" presented by Leo Cicala. The programme included audiovisual piece LEXICON, and Storm-song for piano and fixed media, with Vanessa Sotgiu (piano).

Lebenslieder premiere

19 Mar 2018 – Lebenslieder, for chamber orchestra and electronics, was premiered on 19 March at the Pontio Centre, Bangor. An ensemble of 13 musicians from the BBC National Orchestra of Wales performed the three movement work at the'Songs from Afar' event, hosted by Welsh broadcaster Beti George. The piece uses the voices of people with dementia and their partners who care for them. Composition of the work was supported by The Leverhulme Trust.

'Fern Hill' French premiere

23 Feb 2018 – Orchestral work Fern Hill was given its French premiere by L'Opéra Orchestre National de Montpellier conducted by David Niemanns. The piece was performed as part of the KLANG orchestre event in Montpellier on 23 February.

Andrew Lewis joins Composers Edition

22 Sept 2017 – Andrew Lewis is delighted to be joining Composers Edition. All his notated chamber and orchestral music will be available in hard copy and for download, including works with live electronics.

'Skyline' wins Destellos Prize

3 Sept 2017 – Skyline has been awarded first prize in the acousmatic category of the 10th Foundation Destellos Competition, Argentina.

'Skyline' Russian premiere

Skyline will receive its Russian premiere at the 35th General Asssembly of CIME, Moscow House of Composers, Moscow, on 26 September 2017.